6 Helpful Tips for Having Pets in Your Apartment

While having a house with a yard is ideal for living with a pet, many people don’t have that opportunity and still make it work. In fact, more than 70 percent of apartment renters have pets! While it’s certainly doable, there are ways to make the experience easier for you and your furry friend. Check out our six tips for having a pet while renting below!

Pick the right pet- While your dream pet may be a Border Collie or a German Shepherd, it’s important to consider their needs. Collies, Shepherds, Huskies and other working dog breeds need a ton of exercise and don’t do well in small spaces. Dogs that typically thrive when given jobs to do really languish when cooped up. You may have always wanted your very own Lassie, but you need to think about what’s right for them. Consider some of the lower energy breeds, such as a bulldog, basset hound, or (surprisingly) a great dane. 

Establish routines- Set routines are hugely important when making sure a pet is comfortable in an apartment. Dogs and cats have exceptional internal clocks, so they know down to the minute when it’s breakfast time, diner time, or time for a walk. When you start messing with that routine, it can make your pets uncomfortable, resulting in acting out, anxiety, and over or under eating. Set a routine with your pet and stick to it. 

Keep them active- If you do have a high-energy pet, it’s important to play with them! They need to expel that energy somehow, and if it isn’t by playing with you, it’ll come out in other ways. Going for runs, taking them to the park, playing fetch, with a laser pointer, do something to keep them active and entertained. 

Give them things to do- While many of our pets wish we could spend all day playing with them, that’s unfortunately not possible. The next best thing is to give them things to do! This is particularly important for indoor cats, who spend their entire lives in your apartment. Give them scratching posts, toys, a cat tree, something to keep them entertained. For dogs, few things beat a good bone. Experiment with different types to find exactly what your dog enjoys, and spoil them (just a little, they deserve it).

Play with them and give them love- This may sound a little obvious and trite, but you need to give your pets love and affection. Dogs, cats, and any other pet you open your home to can get depressed and lonely if you don’t spend enough time with them. You’re their family, and they don’t have anyone else to see when you’re gone. Don’t forget about them, and don’t see them as a chore to take care of. If your pet is acting out or seems sad, consider spending more time with them. 

Consider a first-floor apartment- Older animals, particularly dogs, have issues as they get older, including joint and hip problems. If you live on a third-floor walk-up, that’s going to cause significant issues as your furry friend gets older. This is also a courtesy to any neighbors you have underneath you, as the sounds of little paws going up and down the hallway can get very old very quickly.

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