Family Activities in Delaware

Anyone who’s ever been on a family vacation knows that it can be a real struggle to find something that appeals to everyone. Fortunately, in Delaware County, there’s enough to keep even the pickiest child entertained! Whether they love the outdoors or are interested in learning something new, there are tons of fun family activities for everyone. From beautiful parks to exciting spaces to climb and play, it’s easy to spend an afternoon in Delaware. 

Alum Creek State Park

There are few better ways to spend an afternoon and tire your kids out than with a stroll in a state park, and Alum State Park lets you do just that. Alum is a stunning example of the Ohio wilderness, from its gorgeous reservoir to the gently rolling hills and dales. Just a few minutes outside of Columbus, this park is a testament to the beauty of nature. Tucked away coves in the shale cliffs are perfect for fishing, and the park’s northern area is home to Ohio’s largest inland beach. Forests tower overhead as paths wind between ancient trees, and kids’ imaginations are free to go wild. 

CBUS Bike Tours

Tours are often a polarizing activity. Some people love to learn more about the history of an area, while others are bored stiff. Fortunately, a bike tour gets around that issue! Kids can still have a blast on a tour if they’re also riding a bike with their family. At CBUS Bike tours, you can learn all about the history of downtown Columbus and what makes it special. 

Delaware Antique Mall

The Delaware Antique Mall is a treasure trove of unique items and surprising finds. Booths full of antiques wind through this building, full of interesting knick-knacks, old toys and ancient treasures. From old cameras to handmade quilts and toys from before your kids were born, they’ll have a ton of fun exploring this time capsule. 

Creekside Park

Creekside Park is the beautiful centerpiece of Olde Gahanna. This five-acre park features a stunning waterfall, countless walking paths, picnic tables, paddleboat rides, and more. Your kids will love playing in the shallow water, fishing, or just taking in the nature of this beautifully manicured park. Creekside Park is truly one of the best ways to spend a lazy afternoon, just don’t forget the picnic!


For a fun afternoon for the whole family, there’s no better place than COSI. The Center of Science and Industry is geared towards getting kids interested in science, and it does a spectacular job. From exciting, hands-on activities, to awe-inspiring exhibits, you’ll be just as impressed with the production value as your kids. From the towering fossils in the AMNH Dinosaur Gallery to the stunning Ocean exhibit, get ready for a fun time for the whole family.

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