Fun Labor Day Weekend Trips

With Labor Day coming up, that means a three day weekend! Do you already have your weekend trip planned? If not, check out some of our favorite spots to spend a long weekend at. We have options that keep you in Ohio & some that will let you adventure out of the state for the weekend. Check out our trip suggestions below! 


Cincinnati is a great weekend place to head to because it’s so close to Columbus. It will take a little less than two hours to get downtown, and once you’re there you will have tons of activities to choose from. You can head to King’s Island for a fun and adventurous weekend as well and enjoy all the rollercoasters and games they have to offer.


If you’re thinking about traveling to Cleveland for your Labor Day weekend, you won’t run out of things to do while you’re there. Home to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a long weekend in Cleveland will never be boring. Also be sure to check out the art museum and natural history museum while you’re there. There are tons of amazing food choices as well to fill all of your possible foodie cravings! 

Lake Erie 

If you’re looking for a water-themed vacation, head to Lake Erie. You have multiple options for states to stay in while at the lake, but you’ll be sure to enjoy lots of days on the boat in the lake. Be sure to bring your swimsuit and sunscreen and be prepared for a crowd. Labor Day is a popular weekend for families to head to the lake to enjoy some of the final warm days of the year.  

Hocking Hills 

Hocking Hills is a great area to head to for the long weekend if you’re looking for an active weekend of hiking and outdoor activities. You can enjoy canoeing, horseback riding, ziplining, rock climbing, and so much more! As one of the most beautiful places in Ohio, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time and remember it for years to come.  


Nashville is a great place to travel to at any time, but a long weekend will allow you to dip your toes in the city’s water. Even though this trip is out of Ohio, it’s only a five and a half hour drive from Columbus – so it’s a very doable trip without having to buy a plane ticket. Be sure to check out Five Daughters Bakery and try their one hundred layer doughnuts!  

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