How to Stay Cool This Summer

This summer is a hot one, and it can feel all the hotter without a good way to cool down. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to stay cool without having to sit in front of the air conditioning. From small changes like closing your blinds in the mornings to taking a trip to a lake, we’ve got the best ways to cool down this summer!

Mohican River- Mohican River is a longtime haunt for Central Ohio. As the primary tributary of the Walhonding River, this 40-mile river has multiple access points, so you’re sure to find a spot for you and yours. Don’t forget to bring your tube, floatie, and a cooler full of snacks for the day!

Stay Hydrated- Staying hydrated is absolutely critical for your body to regulate temperature. Whether or not you can feel it, your body is actually surprisingly good at keeping itself cool. However, it needs water to do so! So grab your water bottle and drink up. 

Take a Cold Shower- Few things feel better after a hot summer day than a cold shower, and science agrees. Cold showers help cool you down by actually lowering your core body temperature, making everything feel a little less swelteringly hot. 

Close Your Shades in The Morning- We all know how warm sitting in the sun can be when you’re out by the beach– but did you know that the sun does the same thing to your home? It’s true! Sun streaming through even a closed window can raise the temperature in your home by several degrees, and make everything feel warmer. To help combat this, try closing your blinds in the morning to help protect against unwanted sun warming your home. 

Know When To Open And Close Your Windows- Contrary to popular belief, just leaving your windows open all day will not cool your home, you need to know when to do it. Open your windows in the evening to allow the cooler air to enter your home, then close them early in the morning to trap that cool air in your home. You’ll feel a difference almost instantly. 

Use Fans The Right Way- While you may not realize it, there are more efficient ways to use fans than just having them blowing in a room– it’s all about cross ventilation. You need to try and blow the hot air out of your home while pulling cooler air into the room you’re in. Simply set up a box fan in the window of the room you’re in blowing out, and open windows on the other side of your home. This will pull cooler air from the other side of the house while expelling warmer air out. 

Visit Buckeye Lake- If all else fails, it’s time to pack up the car and head to Buckeye Lake. As one of the larger lakes in the area, Buckeye is the perfect way to cool down during the dog days of summer. Featuring kayaking, canoeing, and sailing, and other great water sports, you can easily spend an entire day lounging on the shore. And that’s not all! Featuring an awesome winery and brewery, you can relax in the day and have a great time in the evening.

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