How to Tailgate Like a Pro


A weekend full of tailgating fun is one of the best ways to enjoy a fall weekend. Whether you prefer to go big or keep the party small, you’re sure to have a great time tailgating. While everyone has a different definition of a successful tailgate, we compiled a list of tips we think will help make any tailgate great.

If you’re planning a tailgate this fall, try out some of these tips so that you can tailgate like a pro:

Plan Ahead
You don’t want to show up to the tailgate to find that no one brought food or drinks! Get your group together about a week before the big game to decide what everyone wants to eat, drink, and do. Having a designated person responsible for bringing each item will help avoid mishaps and ensure that your tailgate is fully stocked.

Also plan to make sure you include all of your non-food essentials. You could have enough food to feed an army, but without plates and cutlery, you won’t be able to enjoy any of it.

Get There Early
If you want the best tailgating spot, you’ll want to get there several hours early to claim it for your group. Everyone wants to have a grassy spot in view of the stadium, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll want to get there with ample time to beat the crowds.

Arriving early will also allow you to set up at your own pace, and get a few extra hours of leisure time before heading over for the game. Planning ahead and packing the night before will help your morning move a little more quickly so you can get to stadium as early as possible.

Follow the Rules
Not every stadium will have a set of rules to follow, but it’s important to at least check prior to planning your festivities so you can ensure you don’t get kicked out or reprimanded for not following them. Some stadiums don’t allow radios or TVs, and others limit what type of alcohol you can bring in. Whatever rules they do (or don’t!) have are for your safety and enjoyment, so following them will only enhance your weekend.

Stay hydrated
While beer is probably the star of your tailgate party, make sure that you also pack (and drink) plenty of water. Between the heat, food, and adult beverages, your body will need a little extra hydration to make it through the day.

Staying hydrated is especially important if you’re on grill duty. The heat of the grill combined with the outdoor temperature might be enough to send you into heat exhaustion…so it’s important to take every precaution possible.

Tailgates big and small can benefit from these pro tips. No matter what your team, tailgates are all about spending time with family and friends. Hopefully these tips help you have the best time possible with your group. Happy tailgating!

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