Shop Polaris Mall for Your Holiday Gifts

Shopping for friends and family is one of the most stressful parts about the holidays. You never quite know what they what, what size they are or where to get it. And, counterintuitively, shopping online makes it even harder! Is it going to arrive on time? Is a medium on this site a medium elsewhere? How do you know it’ll look the same in person that it does on your computer? It’s so stressful. That’s what makes malls so great.

There’s something special about going to a store. It’s a forgotten joy, just being able to browse, feel the fabric between your fingers and see it in person. There’s no better way to shop for the holidays than walking through rows and rows potential presents until you see something that jumps out at you and says ‘this is the perfect gift.’ It feels so much more personal than just clicking on a button on a screen, and hoping that it looks the same when it arrives. 

Going to the mall used to be an event. It was an entire day trip, from the moment you walked in, to the moment you left. There was something for everyone, from toy stores to home goods to power tools. There were a dozen different cuisines, and everyone could get what their favorite during the trip to the food court. It was a family day. Going to the mall was a uniquely American experience. 

The Polaris Mall in Columbus is making it an experience once again. It’s the perfect place to get all your holiday shopping done, the one stop that has everything you need. Whether it’s for that special someone in your life, a creative niece or nephew, or a parent who’s supported you through thick and thin, they deserve the best, and the best is at Polaris Fashion Place. Featuring over 190 local and retail stores, from Swarovski to Brooks Brothers, Gap to Gamestop, you’re sure to find something for everyone. 

But Polaris is more than just a building full of stores. They also host a collection of events and groups to make the area feel more like a community! Every Tuesday Pottery Barn Kids hosts children centric events such as readings and other fun themed activities. There are events for everyone! Polaris Mall hosts charity events, brunches, networking events, ugly sweater parties and more. Polaris is also hosting Santa this year! Every day until Christmas, parents can bring their kids by to meet Santa and get pictures taken. 

The Polaris Fashion Place is so much more than just a mall. It’s a family event, it’s a day trip. It’s an experience! So come by today, and check out all the events, stores and people that make it great.

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