The Best Summer Trends at Tanger Outlets

Thank goodness, it’s finally getting warm. Time to put away the Patagonia, forget the faux fur, and don your Daisy Dukes. Summer 2020 will be here soon, and now’s the perfect time to start getting your wardrobe ready. From breathable linen to throwback classics, The Tanger Outlets are the best place to curate your summer style. 

Calvin Klein- Calvin Klein has been one of the most recognizable brands for years, and for good reason. It straddles the line of modern chic and classic fares, from comfortable terry cloth sweaters to stylish oxford shirts. Find your own little slice of 2020 fashion with their modern bomber jackets, inspired patterns or classic denim. 

Kate Spade- Kate Spade exploded onto the New York fashion scene in 1993 and has been a household name ever since. Known primarily for her understated leather handbags, the brand does so much more. From shoes to jewelry, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. There’s never been a better time for pastels, Americana inspired patterns and comfortable, stylish clothing, and Kate Spade has that in, well, spades. Check it all out today!

J. Crew- This summer, dive headfirst into the Montauk style with J. Crew. Featuring nautical themes of blue and white, J. Crew makes fashion comfortable. From flowing dresses to light as a feather linen, you’ll never want to take it off. 

Gap- Gap is the quintessential American fashion, and for good reason. With their reliable denim, comfortable cotton, and stylish clothes for all ages, you can shop for the whole family in a single store. As Retro comes more and more in style, don’t forget their 1969 collection! Gap is bringing back the summer of love in style, complete with the jeans, jackets, and comfort.

Express- Express brings high fashion to the general public. Featuring slim-cut jeans, bold patterns, and classic monotone, you can find a complete wardrobe in a single visit. Whether you’re looking for sundresses, flattering tops, full suits or more, you can’t go wrong visiting Express in the Tanger Outlets. Just don’t forget the stylish accessories!

Converse- Can you imagine a more iconic footwear than the classic Converse High-Tops? We didn’t think so. At The Tanger Outlets, you’ll find the perfect pair of Chucks for you. From the classic high and low-tops that you know and love to more eclectic styles, Converse has been innovating and creating without losing their classic Americana look. 

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